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We want to help you prove that you’re smarter than your friends. So, here’s a few basics about the game.

  1. Game Basics
  2. World Curve
  3. Minigames

Game Basics

BrainCurve is a game that allows you to check your brain skills and compare with your friends in assorted categories:

  • Pattern Recognition,
  • Shape Recognition,
  • Math,
  • Reaction,
  • Verbal, and
  • Memory.

There are 19 minigames that cover all these categories.

  1. Each minigame can only be played via Brain Check, and they will go through a specific order (for the order of minigames, check out the High Score page).
  2. You will get 5 free Brain Checks, which replenish over time. When you are out of Brain Checks, the game consumes your gems instead. Each Brain Check costs 1 gem.
  3. You get 10 free gems when you start the game. More gems can be purchased in the shop.
  4. Your BrainCurve score is computed by an averaging system, so it’s possible that your BrainCurve score goes down after a bad performance on a minigame.
  5. The game does not require special controls, you can play just by tapping on the screen.

World Curve


This is where you can compare your standing among all your friends. In the World Curve screen, you can:

  1. Check your entire curve of BrainCurve scores for all your friends. (Go to the Global tab)
  2. Compare your BrainCurve score with specific friends. (Go to the Compare tab)
  3. Invite more friends to play BrainCurve!

Take the screenshots* you need and share them wherever and however you want**. :)

*using device controls, Home + Power button
**via external apps – Photos, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Just as an added bonus, here’s a list of the minigames and what to expect from them:

1. Memory Pairs


This game tests your memory and reaction time! You will be shown tiles for a few seconds. You will then need to find the correct pairs and match as many as you can.

2. What Changed?


This game challenges your memory for details. You will be shown tiles for a few seconds; memorize them. After they are changed, select the one that is no longer the same.

3. Odd Quantity


This game tests your pattern recognition skills. In this game, you will be shown groups of colored tiles. Select the odd one out. (hint: look at the colors!)

4. Pattern Match


Test your pattern recognition skills! Each group of tiles has a pattern. Just select the tile that completes the pattern.

5. Dominant Color


This also tests your pattern recognition skills! You will be shown colored tiles, and you have to choose the color that appears most frequently in the entire group of tiles.

6. Moving Numbers


This tests your reaction time and math skills. You have to select the numbers in ascending order. Watch out, some numbers can be tricky!

7. Moving Pairs


This also tests your reaction time and shape recognition. You have to select pairs of objects in bubbles while they move around the screen.

8. Moving Shapes


This also tests your reaction time and shape recognition. You have to select the specified objects (or colors) while they move around the screen.

9. Wrong Label


This tests your shape and color recognition. You will be shown shapes of different colors. You have to choose the label that does not match the object shown.

10. Count It Right


Exercise your math skills, verbal skills and reaction time! You will be asked to count shapes based on certain instructions. Count and select the correct number.

11. Quick Math


Math, plain and simple. Select the correct answer to the math problem as fast as you can!

12. Visual Memory


Test your memory and verbal skills! You will see a set of pictures, which will be replaced by labels. Then, select the label that matches the picture. (Some sets may have more than one answer.)

13. Did You See It?


Check your memory here! You will be shown pictures for a few seconds. Then you will be asked if a particular object was among them.

14. Where Was It?


Another fun memory test: You will be shown pictures for a few seconds. Then you need to place the picture in its correct place.

15. Secret Code


Check your verbal and memory skills! You will see a secret code, remember it! Then, you have to choose the right code among a list of codes.

16. Match The Label


Test your verbal and memory skills in this simple game. Match the label to the correct picture.

17. Quick Memory


A quick and simple game that tests your memory. You be shown pictures you will need to remember. After they are concealed, find the picture that will be shown. Some sets will have more than one picture.

18. Sequences


This game tests your memory. You need to memorize the sequence of pictures as shown. Then, select the correct sequence.

19. Letter Bubbles


Check your verbal skills here! There are bubbles with jumbled letters. You will have to match the bubbles with the same letters!

We hope this has helped you get oriented with Brain Curve. So, #Areyousmarter than your friends?

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